AV, Electrical, Internet & Telecom

Full Electrical, Internet & Telecom services are available through the  GTCTC exclusively, and AV services are available through our preferred vendor, PSAV. Please contact your Event Coordinator for further details.

The GTCTC  provides exceptional products and services to best meet your event needs. 

Audio Visual: PSAV

Charlie Scherling, AV Director 253-830-6692

Internet, Telecom, Electrical, Air, Water, Drain, In House Equipment Rental & Labor:
Contact GTCTC Technical Services

Phone: 253.830.6601



In House Sound System:
The house system for voice amplification is complimentary and includes one complimentary microphone. To ensure availability we require that you confirm the use of the house system with your Event Coordinator at least sixty (60) days prior to your event. For further details contact your Event Coordinator.